I am Mr Brady and will be taking Senior ELL classes. I am from England, and am a qualified teacher, and have taught ESL/ELL here in China, as well as having teaching experience in my own country U.K, and in Africa. I look forward to helping your children improve on their English abilities.

We will be covering all the language skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, built into this scheme will be Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary work.

I hope that the students will embrace the classes and give 100% in their English language studies, both in and outside the classroom.

I believe it is very important that if Language capabilities are to improve then the students must use English as much, whenever and wherever, as they can. It is not just for the time they are in class with me! Therefore it would be helpful if parents encouraged their children to listen to, and read English material. They can watch any English programmes that might be available on TV. There may be English radio stations, or websites which will be useful in exposing the students to English.

It is also important that the students carry out their assignments promptly and fully, and hand in work on time. Please encourage them to do this, and you can follow the progress of their behaviour in this through the Students Behaviour Contract. I will send this home at the end of the week with your child. Please ensure you see and sign it, to be returned by your child each Monday.

Students should always bring the following to ELL classes:-

1. Binder/ Folder with separators for Reading/Writing/ Speaking & Listening work.
2. Agenda.
3. Homework when required.
4. Pencils/Pens etc.
5. Themselves...on time!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any points you would like to discuss concerning your child on bradykevin05@gmail.com

Thank you.