Welcome to MLFNS-D ELL (English Language Learning) class with Mrs. Darko!


Welcome to another school year 2014-2015!

Dear Parents,

My name is Stephanie Darko and I will be your child’s ELL teacher. I have been teaching ESL for 10 years now to diverse students in multicultural environments from kindergarten to university students through to retirees.This will be my 5th year at Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian. The enthusiasm and excitement I feel with beginning a new school year never seems to decrease. It is even more special for me this year as I will be seeing new students that are willing to learn! We will not only study English, but I will share with them some life-skill traits that will help them to be successful in tomorrow's world.I believe that parent- teacher relationships are essential for utmost school success of the students. We are partners in the learning process. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at anytime. You can email me at steph.ramos83@yahoo.com.

Dear Students,

1. I believe in your capabilities.

2. I trust that you will be responsible in all the things that are expected of you.

3. I know that you can handle life's situations.

4. I am here to listen to your thoughts, ideas and opinions.

5. I care for everything you do.

6. You are very important to me.


Daily journal from Mondays- Fridays

EVERY TUESDAY: Spelling Test (10 words)

Students will get a list of spelling words one week ahead of time

MATERIALS needed to bring in class everyday:


ELL notebook

pencil case (color pens, scissors, glue)

binder ( will leave in our classroom)

dictionary (please remind your child to bring it everyday)


READING (Monday)

Reading Strategies

- questioning and inferencing

- main idea and details

- connecting


Students learn many new words. It varies from different lessons


Students learn the following: verbs, adverbs, capital and small letters, punctuations, editing/proofreading


Students learn the following: phonetics, pronunciation practice, dialogue conversation exercises, English songs and stories, drama, role plays


Interactive ELL Games

Indoor Games